How to use baby nest
  As a versatile product with many beneficial purposes, baby nests quickly found their place on parents’ nursery lists and made everyday life easier for many families. So, how to use a baby nest besides for sleeping? There are so many activities baby nest can be used for! Relaxation, tummy time and breastfeeding are just some of them. Today we bring you 6 ideas on how you can get the most out of your EcoViking Babynest in the first months of your baby’s life. And make daily activities easier for yourself too!  Note: we recommend to always supervise your little one in the baby nest, no matter the activity  


Tummy time is a crucial everyday activity in every newborn’s life as it helps develop baby’s motor, visual, and sensory skills. Moreover, it aids neck muscle development so that the baby can eventually hold their head up. Baby nest is a perfect spot for tummy time, not only at home but also when you are on the go. Flat mattress is a comfortable surface for a baby to lay on their tummy, while beautiful baby nest cover patterns will catch the baby’s attention. Finally, the soft elevated sides prevent the baby from rolling over!


Did you know that playing with your newborn has great benefits? It helps them make a meaningful connection with you they naturally seek. It also aids in learning how to talk and understand works. Playing with toys, on the other hand, encourages exploration and developmental milestones, especially in the first months of your baby’s life. And what better place for playtime than a comfortable baby nest? Place it under the baby gym, on the couch or on the table and let your baby enjoy playtime in a safe and secure environment.    


One amazing way to use your baby nest is as a portable napping spot. Why limit yourself only to your house? You can take your baby nest to the beach, out in the garden, use it for a quick nap in the car (while parked, of course) or when visiting friends and family. This way your baby will always have a familiar environment to sleep in and you can also be sure that he/she stays on their back without rolling over.


Every now and then you might feel like you need some space for yourself and that is totally normal. You might need a break from holding your baby but you still want to be close to your little one. Simply place your baby in a baby nest next to wherever you are – on the floor, couch or in bed. Hold your hand on your baby’s tummy to provide that familiar and comforting feeling to your child. At the same time, the coziness of the babynest will make your baby feel safe and secure. Now, take your favourite book, watch your favourite series or simply take a few moments to rest – everyone deserves some “me” time, it makes us better parents!   Baby nest playtime and tummy time  


EcoViking baby nest can easily be transformed into a nursing bed you can use on the couch or in bed. Nest’s edges are soft enough to fold or to lay down on which will allow you easy access to feed your little one. After the feed simply unfold the edge and let your child nap in the same spot. Sounds amazing, right? 


There are never enough spots for diaper change in your surroundings! Why not add one more? After a good feed and a playtime round, simply use a baby nest as a changing station, instead of bringing the child to the changing table. This is also an amazing solution when you are visiting someone else’s house or if you are outdoors. Don’t worry about accidents, EcoViking baby nest comes with a removable cover that can be easily washed and replaced!